Peach Ice Cream Recipe

The combined flavor of homemade ice cream and peaches is one that is hard to top. One of the fun things about making your own ice cream is to be able to blend different flavors right into the mixture as the ice cream is being churned. Unlike buying flavored ice creams, when you make your own fruit flavored ice creams, you know for a fact that the fruit you mix in with the other ingredients is absolutely pure and absolutely fresh. And since most homemade ice cream is eaten within a day after it is made, you get that taste of very fresh fruit mixed with your ice cream that no ice cream you buy at the store can possibly compete with.

There are times of the year when peaches are just ripening that you can go to a local orchard and harvest them right off the tree. That is the time to make up your homemade ice cream using these peaches that could not be fresher. The flavor of the peaches is so active at that time that they are almost unrecognizable from the flavor of peaches from the supermarket. So if you get home from picking peaches and get busy putting together the standard ingredients for homemade ice cream to mix up in your ice cream machine, you can add peaches as the ice cream is being made so they freeze right into the mixture for a wonderful taste treat.

The two best ways to add the taste of fresh peaches to your ice cream is chunky and creamy. The easy way is to just cut and clean the peaches and perhaps skin them. Cut the peaches into bite-sized pieces. Then mix up the ice cream in your churn or ice cream machine. During the process of mixing, add in the cut peaches and let them churn into the mix. They will disperse throughout the mixture and some of the pieces will blend into the recipe to give all of the ice cream a wonderful peach flavor. But when the homemade ice cream is done and you serve it, the frozen peaches will be part of the ice cream so each bite will bring an explosion of peach flavor with each chunk you enjoy.

You can achieve the same flavor but make the ice cream even more permeated with the flavor of peach by putting the skinned peaches into the food processor and blending them into a paste. Add that to the ice cream that is being prepared for churning and close up the ice cream machine and let it do its work. When you take out the finished ice cream, it will have a rich peach color and the aroma of peach will fill the room. It will be hard to leave the soft ice cream alone to let it finish in the freezer. But it will be worth it because your peach ice cream will have a flavor that can't be beat.