Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

If you have a potluck to go to and you need a very original desert to bring, using ice cream sandwiches as part of a frozen desert is exceptionally easy to make and it will be the hit of the party. It is almost shameful to have a recipe like this in your kitchen. The process of making this cake is so easy that you will blush when people go wild at the event and you see your cake disappear first. But it is a perfect desert to be able to put together in just a few moments and put up in the freezer when you head off to work. When you get home, it is ready and you have a desert that will be the talk of the dinner after almost no effort on your part.

To start with, buy sixteen to twenty four ice cream sandwiches at the grocery store or ice cream shop. You can get the mini sandwiches if you want because they accommodate the way people will eat your cake but any kind will do. You can even go with ice cream sandwiches that have a nutty mixture in the cake part as long as you use the same kind for the whole pie. You will also need a generous amount of whipped cream, some fudge topping that you can spread and a candy bar or two of your flavor choice.

Before getting too far in the preparation, take the fudge out and warm it so it is easy to spread. You might give that process about 20 minutes before you take the ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer because you donít want there to be too much melting during preparation. You can use that time to make sure there is room in your freezer for a large baking dish that you will use for the cake. If you put the baking dish in the freezer for a half hour before preparation, that will help keep the ice cream cold as you prepare the cake.

Now just lay the baking dish on a table or the counter for compiling the cake. Take the ice cream sandwiches out of their wrappers and lay them in the rectangular pan in orderly rows with no gaps between them. The cake part on top will become one continuous layer. Now take the hot fudge and spread it over the top of all of the ice cream bars with the fudge. Caramel works well for this cake as well. Add a layer of whipped cream and make that all nice and flat. Now repeat with another row of ice cream bars, fudge and whipped cream. To top it off, crumble up the candy bar so tiny pieces adorn the top of the cake. Fro a little color, grate up some M&Ms to cover the top.

Put the cake in the freezer for several hours so the entire recipe freezes together and you are ready to serve. The people enjoying the cake will dig down into the layers and bring out pieces of all of the ingredients. The flavors of the caramel or fudge with the vanilla ice cream, the candy bar and the sandwich cake will make your desert the hit of the event. You donít have to tell anyone how easy that was to put together. It can be our secret.