Ice Cream Recipe

The real fun of making it a hobby to make homemade ice cream is to come up with as many delicious and unique recipes as you can so you can constantly be reinventing the process of making ice cream. The basic ingredients of ice cream are not very exotic. They include approximately one pint of Half and Half or heavy cream, one to one and a half teaspoon of vanilla and a third cup of sugar, more or less. You can vary each ingredient to get the taste you like. And for extra rich ice cream, an egg mixed in with the recipe is a nice touch.

This is the basic core formula for good ice cream. But for great ice cream, it is all the variations of flavors and additives and methods of making the ice cream unique that makes this desert so endlessly fun to discover over and over again. You may remember that your grandmother had a particular twist on ice cream that gave it a unique touch of flavor that nobody else could reproduce. Well, lots of grandmas have that kind of extra touch so if you can go on a quest to find these many different recipes for your ice cream experimentation pleasure, you will stay plenty busy learning the different approaches and trying them all out.

One great place to find these old recipes are small town churches at their annual fundraiser bake sale. Now, just going to small towns to find small church fundraisers can be a great hobby all by itself. And if you find a bake sale or a church picnic to attend, you not only will eat like you never ate before, they will treat you like royalty because they will think you are thinking of joining their church. The fundraisers are often for the youth group to get a new facility or something to help out the young people of the town so you should have no problem making a little contribution to the cause.

But keep your eyes open for the sale of a church produced cookbook. This is a very common method churches use to raise money because they ask all the moms and grandmas it the church to contribute their favorite recipes and they compile that into a book and sell it for their youth group fund raiser. When you see such recipe books on sale, snap them up. You will commonly find the best homemade ice cream recipes there are tucked away in little towns all around the country.

In a way using these recipes takes you back to what the real charm of ice cream always was because it was always a family treat that brought out the best of farm living. These recipes will be real treasures that will give your ice cream those unique "down home" tastes. You not only will have a great tasting ice cream but a good story to go with each new taste you try out on your friends and family as well.