Ice Cream Recipe Vanilla

Ice cream is not expensive. But even if you have a gallon of ice cream in the freezer at home, there is something fun about making it yourself that appeals to the experimenter in all of us. Did you know there is a way to get kids in on the act so they can make a single serving of vanilla ice cream and do all the work themselves? This is a terrific after school activity that gives the kids a chance to have fun making ice cream for themselves and not make so much that it becomes a storage issue. The steps are amazing because they are so simple.

To prepare for the craft, get a large and a small zip lock bag for each kid that will make his or her own ice cream. Now get out the vanilla extract, sugar, some whole milk or cream, salt and plenty of cubed ice. Give each kid a small zip lock bag first. Let them know that this bag will be their ice cream maker so to make sure not to break it or tear it as you add the ingredients.

To each bag, add one cup of milk, one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract and two to three teaspoons of sugar. Now close up each small bag very securely so they cannot break open. This might be a situation where you buy the extra strong zip lock bags at the grocery store or you can secure the tops of the zip lock bags with duct tape or staples so they will not open up or leak. Have the kids put those bags carefully aside for a moment. You might have bowls handy to hold the small bags so they donít roll over onto their tops while you prepare the big bags.

Spread the ice cubes out on a big cookie sheet and let the kids sprinkle the salt all over the ice cubes so they get covered. Use a spatula to turn the cubes. Having a separate saltshaker for each kid can make the craft even more fun. If they ask why they are doing this, the reason is the salt helps the ice all stay the same temperature. Now each kid gets a big zip lock that they can fill about a quarter of the way up with salted ice. Each experimenter will put their ice cream mix into the big bag. Fill the big bags the rest of the way with ice so the small bags are surrounded by ice. Add more salt some fell off. Now seal the big bags so they will not open up.

Time for the ice cream dance. Put some popular music on and have the kids shake their ice cream makers for 10 minutes. The music is so they can dance and shake for the entire time. You will have to work them into a dancing frenzy to keep them shaking the bags vigorously but kids love to be worked into a frenzy so that wont be hard. After 10 minutes, open the bags up and test the ice cream.

If it is too soft, close everything up and dance for another 10 minutes. When you are done, each kid will have a small zip lock bag full of the most delicious ice cream they ever had. It will taste wonderful to them because they made it themselves. But stock up on lots of bags and other ingredients because this is a craft the kids will want to do a lot.