Ice Cream Flavor List

Most of us have our favorite flavor of ice cream. For me, I can always be happy with good old vanilla or chocolate chip. But every so often, I do get bold and have a scoop of cookie dough or almond fudge ice cream. It is no secret that the favorite ice cream flavors most people buy the most are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and chocolate chip. But any trip to the ice cream store will reveal that there are more flavors of ice cream for you to try than you could reasonably get to. But it is sure fun to try.

One of the fun things about taking the family to the ice cream shop is to give them the chance to look at all of the amazing flavors that the shop has to offer. Its fun to go when the crowds are not big so you can have the attention of the server to look at all of the flavors at your leisure. In fact, some ice cream shops will let you taste different flavors with cute little spoons so you can almost get full just sampling the amazing variety of flavors that are there for you to choose from.

If you are an ice cream "nut" like many of us are, a fun hobby is to go to the ice cream shop often and try a different flavor each week. Most ice cream shops have to rotate the flavors because the people that supply them have more flavors to offer than they can possibly stock at one time. That is why you have to go back often and keep track of what you have tried so you can keep expanding your horizons and trying new flavors.

If you tried to compile a list of all the ice cream flavors that have ever been invented, you would be in for a losing effort because by the time you got the list completed of all the known flavors, if that is even possible, many more would have been invented for you to add to your list. But why drive yourself crazy? Just get out there and try all kinds of flavors and find out which ones are great and which ones just donít appeal to you at all.

Some ice cream shops make it their specialty to offer a diverse and unique variety of flavors and to have new flavors for you to try each week. Baskin Robbins brags that they have 101 flavors. They put it right on their sign. They probably are being modest. They may have many hundreds of flavors that they have offered over the years but some have come and gone from popularity.

Trying new flavors of ice cream makes for a great and inexpensive date. And if you think you have covered the ice cream flavor universe, then you can mix things up by mixing them in a multi-scoop cone, a sundae or a banana split. Add in all the toppings you can use and you are in for a lifetime of flavors just trying combinations and finding new ways to enjoy your favorite "simple" desert at your favorite ice cream shop in town.