Ice Cream Cone

For most of us, there is no more pleasant memory from childhood as when mom or dad took you and your brothers and sisters to get an ice cream cone at the local ice cream shop. There is something very exciting to a child to be able to pick a flavor or even a couple favors if they get to have a "double dipper" and then to see the server create those perfectly round scoops and deposit them on top of that thin sugar cone. It is a dentists nightmare but one of the nicest memories many of us have of a summer day in our childhood.

It got even more exciting when mom or dad brought home cones that they bought at the store along with ice cream in those bricks that they are sold in to make cones for desert one day. You can probably remember if you had a particular kind of cone you liked best. The classic flat bottom plain cone remains the favorite of many. But there are sugar cones and other variations that combined with so many flavors of ice cream make the simple ice cream cone a continuous surprise each time you have one.

Whoever invented the ice cream cone was clearly a person whose genius was in creating something so simple it was bound to be a universal favorite for children and adults alike. There are lots of ways to make an ice cream cone and none of them are wrong. But the concept of stacking a melting treat on a coned cookie so the one enjoying has to lick the treat as it melts and do so fast enough so it doesnít melt on his or her hand is pure genius.

We all can relate to the experience of having a delicious cone in our hand on a hot summer day and walking down the street as it melted too fast onto your hand. The only real tragedy that can happen with an ice cream cone is if one of the scoops falls off onto the pavement or if it spills on your dress or pants. But ice cream is an inexpensive treat so you can easily get another cone if dad is in a good mood and he didnít want to see you pout.

The joy of a kid when they come to understand that mom and dad are going to make ice cream cones at home is the sheer abundance. At the ice cream parlor, you can really only have one, which means you have to think carefully about your choices. At home, the choices are fewer but you can have as much as you want. Either way, the experience of having a cone is a great memory for parents and children alike. And it is a memory we donít have to wait long to repeat because you or I can go get a fresh ice cream cone right now if we want to. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?