Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Have you ever stopped while eating an ice cream cone and just thought about how great the cone by itself tastes? The genius of the simple ice cream cone is both the frozen desert and the cone are treats in their own right. But there is a recipe that lets you really bring out the flavor of the cone without getting ice cream involved in the process at all. It is an ice cream cone cupcake and it is pretty easy to make.

Probably the best cones to use for this kind of treat are the flat bottomed kind. You can buy them in the store and get a dozen or two of them for a small price tag. But while you are there, think of what kind of cake would taste good along with that cone. We are going to combine the two tastes. Do the same when you buy the frosting you will use for this unique treat.

When you get home, get out your cupcake pans and put one ice cream cone in each cup of the pan. They will fit perfectly with the flared out part of the cone standing above the pan. Next mix up the batter for the cake mix and preheat the oven to the level needed to bake cupcakes. Usually that level is around 350. When the batter is ready, just pour a small amount into each cone until it is about half full. No need to fill them up because the cupcakes will rise.

Now you just cook them like you would any other kind of cupcake. That delicious cake will set up inside that delicious cone and become one taste treat. When you take them out of the oven, if you can leave them alone and not give in to the temptation to eat one hot, let them cool so you can add the icing. When they are done and ready to serve, you can put them in a serving dish standing there perfectly shaped on the flat part of the cone.

The happy sounds you will hear when you bring out those cupcakes made up in an ice cream cone shell will give you a lot of pleasure. It is such an unexpected surprise that be fully prepared for all of the cones you made up to be eaten up fast. In fact, you might be prepared with extra cones and batter and make up more because it is going to be a fast moving treat. And when you get that good of a reception of a new desert, it will become one of your "standards" for birthday parties, pot lucks at church or just to surprise the family with every so often after dinner.