Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pan

We all know how wonderful the cone part of an ice cream cone is when it is used in its natural setting, which is to be part of the treat that an ice cream cone is for kids as well as adults. Whether you like the sugar cone, the traditional waffle cone or another variation, that shaped "cookie" is almost as delicious as the ice cream that is on top of it. In fact, if you stock the cones at home don't be surprised that some cones disappear as the kids get into eating them even without ice cream just because they are that delicious.

The fact that the cones themselves are so tasty means that when you combine those delightful cones with a good cupcake pan and a few recipes, you can come up with some wonderful and colorful treats that fit many festive occasions. The cones hold up to a baking cycle nicely so they can be used to become a shell for a cupcake that replaces the paper wrapping that is traditional with that desert.

The recipe is simple. You take a cupcake pan and put one cone in each pan. Now there are specialized pans that are made to work with ice cream cones but even an ordinary cupcake pan will do. After mixing up the cupcake batter, you just fill each cone to just below the flared out part. The top of the cone will become filled with cupcake during the baking and rising process. Then you bake the cupcake cones following the same instructions as you would with normal cupcakes.

This recipe by itself is a delight but there are tons of ways you can use the cupcake in a cone for decoration for lots of different events. You can cover the top with brown icing and then insert short plastic candy daises and other colorful flowers to create a bouquet that looks like it is in a pot of soil. But the pot is cupcake and the flower candy so every part of that table decoration can be eaten.

The roundness of the top of a cupcake in an ice cream cone offers the chance to transform it into a great Halloween decoration. By covering the entire cupcake, cone included, with orange icing, it can become a miniature version of pumpkin. Now fashion eyes, a nose and a big grin with green or white icing to put on the rounded top and you have the perfect cake version of a jack-o-lantern that makes a great treat to give out at the door or to have at a Halloween party.

These are just a couple of the creative ways you can adapt the fun combination of ice cream cone and cupcake using your standard cupcake pan. By varying the color and flavors of the cake inside, that opens up lots of variety and ways you can use these fun and interesting little treats to all kinds of celebrations and parties. And since the ideas of ways to adapt these small cupcake cones to occasions is limitless, this a recipe that will get lots of use in your kitchen throughout the year.