Ice Cream Cake Recipes

If you ever have had ice cream cake, it is a taste treat that you will want to have again over and over. Ice cream all by itself is such a delicious desert that it really doesnít need any help. But then to layer a delicious flavor of ice cream between layers of flakey cake and allow the two flavors to melt together into one taste explosion almost seems sinful it is so good.

Most of us think that if we are going to get to try a new variation on ice cream cake, it has to happen in a restaurant or if you can buy one already made up at the grocery store. But it really isnít that difficult to make a custom ice cream cake. In fact, it is pretty fun to do. And once you get started making this treat for friends or family, you will probably look for every opportunity to make it often.

The tricky part of making ice cream cake is to get the ice cream soft enough to mold into the cake but not to the point that it is melting. So donít put the ice cream out and forget about it for an hour. Keep an eye on it and time it so you know when it is at that perfect level of softness. Time it because you can remember that value when you make the ice cream cake again.

The actual making of the cake is just a simple layering technique. You will start with a completed cake so if you want to make one yourself, do that before you get the ice cream out to melt. Have both of them ready to put it together in a deep bowl so you can do several layers. Cut the cake into chunks perhaps an inch tall and several inches wide. You can play with the sizes of cake that work best for you as you make more ice cream cakes. Make a layer of cake in the bottom of the bowl.

Now make a layer of ice cream about the same thickness on top of the cake. If the ice cream is just the right level of softness, it can be molded like play dough. Then just keep repeating the layers of cake and ice cream, cake and ice cream until the bowl is full. Always let cake be the top layer so you can add a sundae topping or icing depending on your tastes. Now jut freeze the cake several hours before you are ready to serve it and you have an ice cream cake just as good as any you might order in a restaurant.