How To Make Ice Cream

The art of making ice cream is one that has been around for centuries. It has changed since ancient times but the way we make it in modern culture is pretty much an unchanged process for many decades. Of course, to make ice cream at home, you are not going to recreate what the professionals do at the ice cream factories that produce thousands of gallons of ice cream to be sold in ice cream parlors and grocery stores every day.

The ice cream you make at home will not taste like the kind you buy at the store either. In many ways, it will be much better. For one thing, you will use fresh ingredients. The fruits or other additives you use to give your ice cream a unique taste will probably be very fresh which makes the ice cream taste great. But just making it yourself, is such a great experience that the ice cream you make will always taste better because one of the ingredients you add will be your own personal touch, your work, love and pride that all will affect how much you enjoy the finished product.

Of course, a good recipe is always a great start. There are an abundance of great ice cream recipes each of which will produce a unique ice cream with its own peculiar personality. If you have a recipe that has been handed down through your family, that will help you make ice cream that tastes "like grandma used to make". That connection to the past is one of the many reasons people love to make their own ice cream. But don't despair if you donít have a family recipe because you can get one from friends, books or from the internet.

The ingredients of homemade ice cream are neither exotic nor expensive. To simply combine cream or milk with vanilla, eggs, salt and ice and put it all together in your ice cream maker is the heart of any ice cream formula. When first learning, you might do well to practice with just the basic ingredients until you are happy with the ice cream you are making. Then get fancy with the extra flavors and additives. Its all great fun and a great hobby so have a ball making lots of varieties of homemade ice cream.

Once the recipe is all together and you have loaded up the churn or ice cream machine with the ice and salt, you just activate the electric mechanism to churn the ice cream. Or if it is manual, turn that crank for about ten minutes to give the ice plenty of time and movement to freeze the ice cream in the smaller interior chamber. After about 10 minutes, stop and check the ice cream to see if its setting up. If not, go another 10 minutes.

After you have done the "hard labor", you should still plan to put the finished ice cream in the freezer for two or three hours to finish freezing into a wonderful frozen treat. The last instruction is the easiest one. Enjoy your ice cream and share it with family and friends. Then get busy planning your next big ice cream party using your skills at making tasty ice cream at home.