Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

How is ice cream like pizza? In a lot of ways actually. For one thing, both are almost universally loved. Both are the kind of food that children and teenagers will beg for on almost any occasion. Both start with a very basic recipe. And both can be almost endlessly new and different every day because anyone can create a new variation by just adding new ingredients to the core recipe.

To the core recipe of ice cream which includes vanilla, cream and sugar, you can take off and add just about any fruit, nuts, flavorings of a wide variety and lots of fun colors to make a unique ice cream that you can give a clever name to and call it your own. You can get fancy and learn to make variations on ice cream like sorbet, frozen yogurt and sherbet, which can also be adapted and enhanced with hundreds of different flavor variations. You can make low fat ice cream, low calorie kinds or even ice cream for the lactose intolerant. It can be said fairly of ice cream that if you don't like it, stick around because someone will come up with a variation you will like.

Another similarity of pizza and ice cream is both can be made from scratch at home. You can get a homemade ice cream maker for under $40, which will enable you to make your own varieties of the sweet desert right on your own back porch. You can even create your own ice cream maker with little more than two coffee cans and a roll of duct tape if you want to turn making ice cream into a creative game. And each of these ways of making this favorite desert of many will result in a delicious type of ice cream. In fact, making ice cream at home can become so addictive that it can become a passion of the whole family with dad, mom and the kids coming home with new ideas to try out in the ice cream maker each week.

It is hard to pinpoint who "invented" the very first homemade recipe for ice cream. Some date it back to the 600 AD time frame in China and others give the credit to the Romans or to the chef of King Charges the First in England. The one thing that is certain is that when ice cream arrived in America in the very early years of our nation, it was here to stay. People were making it and selling it on the street in New York as early as 1776 and it has continue to grow and be big business ever since.

So whether your own recipe for ice cream is as basic as making it from the raw ingredients and churning up a batch for your next barbeque or just buying vanilla ice cream and putting out every topping under the sun, the outcome is the same. By making your own variation on ice cream, you join with lovers of the treat from centuries ago and around the world in enjoying one of life's simplest and most enjoyable pleasures, the basic bowl of homemade ice cream.