Fried Ice Cream Recipe

When you first heard of fried ice cream, you probably thought, "That's crazy!" After all, how can you fry something that is cold? You would think that it would melt before it could ever be served. But when you first tried fried ice cream, probably in a Mexican restaurant as that seems to be where they are served the most, itís an amazing experience. They really can fry the ice cream so the outside is hot and fried and inside is nice, cold ice cream. What melting there is oozes into the crust, which makes them even tastier.

Now it is possible to make fried ice cream at home. Just think of the fun of serving this treat at a special dinner and hearing the amazed expressions of "Wow" and "This is great" all directed at you for pulling off this exciting desert. It isnít that hard but it will take some preparation. So get all the stuff together well in advance so you can prepare the treat as early as the morning before the dinner. Then you will be completely ready to serve when you want to spring your surprise on your family and friends.

It all starts with the ice cream. Vanilla is a good choice although you can play with flavors as you get experienced with this desert. Use a standard ice cream scoop that you can create completely round ice cream balls with. You might have to practice with the scoop to make perfectly round balls by rolling the ice cream when you scoop it. Using a cookie sheet, scoop out 8-12 ice cream balls. Put them immediately into the freezer to become solid in that shape. This is important because freezing works differently for a small ball of ice cream than when it is in the tub and you want the ice cream tube very hard when you are ready to fry it.

Let the ice cream balls freeze for at least an hour before the next step. Now you know why we had you start early. Now in a medium sized bowl, combine three cups of corn flakes and crush them into tiny pieces for the coating. Combine the flakes with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Now in a separate bowl, break three eggs and whip them until the yokes are blended with the whites. Now take out the ice cream balls and dip them into the egg mixture and then cover the ice cream with the corn flake coating. Get them completely coated and return them to the cookie tray and freeze it all for another 3 hours.

When it is time to make the desert, prepare your fryer with cooking oil. Using a frying basket, dip a few ice cream balls at a time into the hot oil. Cook them for no more than fifteen seconds. Do them all quickly so there isnít much time from when you start to when you serve. Now put them all on a serving dish. Cover them with whipped cream and drizzle some honey over them and top with a cherry. Then serve your guests and just wait for the "Wows" to come rolling in.