Electric Ice Cream Maker

The reasons people get started making their own ice cream are many. For a lot of people it is the fun that compiling the ingredients and working the ice cream maker is and how it can become another great part of any family event. The memory of being on the farm with the aunts and uncle and grandparents and everybody having a role to play in making the ice cream with the old, hand-cranked churn is a strong one for a lot of adults. So by recreating that event with their own ice cream maker, it becomes part of the memories the kids will have of growing up too.

When you buy your ice cream maker to make this part of your family life become a reality, the choices are pretty broad. You can get a modern churn that looks somewhat like the old fashioned kind but you still work it on the porch with family members taking turns working the crank so the ice mixes with the ingredients inside to make great ice cream. There are old-fashioned models of ice cream makers that, although not old, look like throw backs to another time in history. And of course, finding an antique ice cream maker can really make the experience authentic. You might hesitate at using that unit because of its age. It makes a great display piece in the living room and a great conversation starter though.

There are also ice cream makers that are nothing like the old-fashioned kind at all. They are electric models that are fully automated. They look and perform very much like any other kitchen appliance. You compile the ingredients the same and put it all together. But when you plug it in and let it go, the gentle whirring sound lets you know it is churning the ice cream. It all happens in the kitchen so some of the ambiance of the family working on the ice cream on the porch is lost.

Whether or not to use an electric ice cream maker is a decision that you should make before making your purchase decision. There are some real advantages to going this route. For one thing, the churning action is consistent and continuous when it is being handled automatically. So the ice cream is made more efficiently. By letting the machine do the churning, you take much of the tedium out of the process. You donít have to time how long to churn because the machine does that and it knows when to stop because it can gauge when the ice cream has "set up" inside the interior chamber.

The good news is that you donít have to give up the atmosphere and the fun of having the whole family involved just because you want to get an ice cream maker that automates the churning. There are models made to look like the old-fashioned kind and models that can be operated on the porch. In most cases, that constant churning was something the family dreaded anyway. So by automating that part and combining the best of technology with the old-fashioned art of making your own ice cream, you get the best of both worlds.