Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

There is nothing like the fun of making ice cream at home to give your back yard barbeque that authentic old fashioned feel. But when you go to buy an ice cream maker, you will find that some of the finest new models are far from primitive. A new ice cream maker can cost as little as $40 or be as expensive as $500 depending on how elaborate you want the features. While some of the most sophisticated models such as the ones sold by Cuisinart are pricey, the ice cream product you end up making will come out consistently good and of the perfect kind of quality that you want from your own ice cream.

A quality ice cream maker like the Cuisinart model is operated by electric motor and it uses rock salt to freeze the ice cream in the internal chamber in a consistent fashion. In a way, by moving away from the hand crank models of ice cream makers, you lose a little of that feel of sitting on the back porch at Grandma's farm turning that crank to make the ice cream set up inside of that old fashioned churn. But truthfully, the charm of the crank method pales when it is hard to get someone to sit on the back porch and turn the crank. And the gentle sound of the Cuisinart motor working away in the kitchen to make tonight's desert of delicious and very fresh ice cream can become a tradition of family gatherings as well.

Of course, the machine doesn’t make great ice cream. You make great ice cream but coming up with a delicious recipe that produces a rich blend each time. Now, if you invest in a good ice cream maker like a Cuisinart, you probably will develop dozens if not hundreds of ice cream variations that you can whip up in your homemade ice cream maker. Your core ingredients of cream, sugar, vanilla and maybe egg to make the ice cream rich and smooth will remain pretty much standard. But after you dump those basic building blocks of ice cream into the ice cream maker, you can then add your custom ingredients.

Just watching the fruit, nuts, chocolate chips or other wonderful flavors going into the ice cream maker can get your mouth watering for the finished product. So when you put the lid on the interior container and seal it up and plug it in, the anticipation alone is a big part of the fun. A quality ice cream maker like the Cuisinart model "knows" when the ice cream is ready because it can tell by the consistency of the blend in the interior chamber. You then take the ice cream out and slap back the hands that want a sample so the ice cream can then be put in the freezer for a few hours to come out and delight the entire family for desert that night.

A good ice cream maker will get plenty of work out making great ice creams at family events. Between events, if you are like many ice cream lovers, you will find yourself "playing" with new recipes and variations on the core ingredients to find new and fun ways to make ice cream that has your own personal stamp on it. But that is the fun of making ice cream at home and it is what makes buying a good quality ice cream maker a great investment in fine eating.